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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 12th Global Dermatologists Congress London, UK.

Day 2 :

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Dr. Esche is a board-certified dermatologist and founder of The Beautiful Skin Institute in Northern Virginia. He has received more than 10 academic awards for his research, and has authored more than 70 scientific publications. Dr. Esche became the National Winner of the Doctor’s Choice Award in Dermatology in 2014 and again in 2015


The increasing demand for cosmetic facial rejuvenation with minimal risk and no downtime has led a surge in minimally invasive procedures. However, injection of both neuromodulators and fillers may result in bruising even in experienced injectors.
The AccuVein bruise prevention device (AccuVein Inc., Huntington, NY) helps minimize bruising following injectable treatments by visualizing veins that otherwise cannot be seen by the naked eye. The hand-held 9.7 ounce vein illuminator projects a steady and safe infrared beam onto the skin. The light is absorbed by hemoglobin and reflected by surrounding tissue.

The competing VeinViewer (Christie Medical Holdings, Inc., Memphis, TN) appears to represent a feasible alternative for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation, while the Veinlite vein finder (Translite LLC, Sugarland, TX) is more suitable for venipuncture mostly due to its smaller area of illumination.  The Site-Rite Prevue Ultrasound System (C. R. Bard Inc., Murray Hill, NJ) is also more suitable for peripheral venous access.
We use the AccuVein device mostly for neuromodulator treatment in the lateral canthal region and for filler injection in the tear trough, nasolabial folds and lips.

In summary, both Accuvein and VeinViewer appear to be useful accessories for cosmetic facial injections.
In conclusion, vein illumination will likely become a new standard of care for minimally invasive rejuvenation

Keynote Forum

Kea Hangsovann

SV Clinic And Laser, Cambodia

Keynote: Facial Peeling for South East Asians, Especially In Cambodia
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Kea Hangsovann is an owner of SV Clinic and Laser, Cambodia. He is a member of International Peeling Society, Swiss Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine (SACDAM) and Endopeel user. He is an Aesthetic Medical Doctor, specializes in “Acne treatment, chemical peeling, scar treatment, filler, endopeel, skin disease, mesotherapy, allergy dermatitis, anti-aging, and laser”


Chemical peeling, also termed chemexfoliation, represents accelerated exfoliation or skin damage induced by caustic agents that cause controlled damage, followed by the release of cytokines and inflammatory mediators, resulting in thickening of the epidermis, deposition of collagen, reorganization of structural elements, and increases in dermal volume. This process decreases solar elastosis and replaces and reorients the new dermal connective tissue. The result is an improved clinical appearance of the skin, with fewer rhytides and decreased pigmentary dyschromia, and a more youthful appearance