Diabetes Pathophysiology

Track 1:  Diabetes Pathophysiology

Diabetes usually referred as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases. Diabetes occurs when there is a dis-balance between the demand and supply of the hormone named insulin. This wide topic is being discussed in ADA Meetings. There are different types of diabetes and all types are treatable and manageable as discussed earlier in European Diabetes Pathophysiology of diabetes leads to autoimmune disease and it’s also known as IDDM, whereas it can also lead to the Peripheral insulin resistance and also known as NIDDM or “adult onset” diabetes. Pathophysiology of gestational diabetes is also one of the types which develop high blood sugar levels in pregnant women who don’t have any previous history of Diabetes. Every few years, the  metabolic syndromes like diabetes is  re-evaluates by community  the present recommendations for the classification, diagnosis, and screening of diabetes, reflecting new info from research and clinical practice which facilitates understanding current hindrance and treatment choices and cost effectiveness in treatment and management of Diabetes as told in ADA Sessions

  • Physiology of Diabetes Type II
  • Physiology of Diabetes Type II
  • The Role of Incretins in Insulin Secretion
  • Epidemiology and pathogenesis of diabetes
  • Recent advances in genetics of diabetes

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